Alperton Community School’s Day of Fun

Thursday the 15th of November was a happy day as TRAID visited Alperton Community School to host a workshop with year 7-11s. It was an extracurricular activity day when the students could engage in activities other than their usual coursework. The options pupils could choose from consisted of upcycling recycled materials and textiles with TRAID, brushing up their culinary skills with chefs from the Hilton Hotel or doing some sort of intense obstacle course with the Phy-Ed department. A day of fun was sure to ensue.
Lyla PresentationThe day began with a short presentation by Lyla, TRAID’s Head of Education, about the importance of recycling and elongating the life of clothing. The students sat (almost) perfectly still, fully absorbed in her presentation which stressed that second-hand clothing isn’t “granny’s clothes”. After about 15 minutes of behaving themselves perfectly, the fabrics were brought out and pandemonium commenced. Good pandemonium though. The students were so inspired by the presentation that they couldn’t help themselves as they dove into the fabrics.

Within the first hour, their projects started to take shape. Capes, dresses, hats, skirts and tops were swiftly being cut, pinned and sewed right in front of our eyes! From the conventional textiles donated by TRAID to more unconventional materials such as leaves, newspapers, bin liners and cardboard, the students challenged themselves to be the most innovative member of the workshop.

Alperton Community School

Next it was down to the assembly where each activity (except the Phy-Ed group) displayed what they had accomplished that day. First up, the fashion show! With some help from comical emcees, the production was underway. Students from every age level strutted their stuff and showed off their newest and coolest creations. Some of the crowd’s favourites were a superman cape made out of old men’s shirts, a structured blue dress made out of recycled felt, paper and fabric, a ballgown constructed of black bin liners and crinkled up paper mache, and another dress constructed of folded and spraypainted newspapers.After lunch break, the students had to choose who of their class was going to model the masterpieces. Some were eager to get their catwalk on and some needed a little encouragement from the TRAID team. Overall, there was a fantastic turnout.

At the conclusion of the fashion show, the crowd was given snacks prepared by the culinary workshop students. All of Alperton staff and students were left with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment after a day of unconventional schoolwork. TRAID is excited to have a future with Brent Council and eager to return for many more workshops!

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