Ann Summers Sew Good

On Thursday the 1st of November TRAID staff traveled to Ann Summers Corporate Office to upcycle recycled textiles donated by the company. Ann Summers, A Business doing Pleasure, launched their zero waste campaign on the Thursday we visited their headquarters. From now on, Ann Summers is committed to recycling every return, scraps, packaging and defects. The partnership between Ann Summers and TRAID is a natural one as both are interested in lengthening the life of textiles and reducing landfill waste.

The workshop focused on taking textiles donated by Ann Summers and creating clothing that individuals can wear on a daily basis. TRAID staff encouraged employees to participate in the workshop during their breaks so that they could gain a greater understanding for how the items they manufacture and design can be utilized in many different ways. As well as upcycling the textiles provided from Ann Summers, the TRAID team set up a basic sewing station for those who were interested in improving their hand sewing skills instead of jumping on a sewing machine. Here, they made rosettes and learned how to sew on buttons out of donated fabrics, lace and plenty of sparkly material.

TRAID staff was eager to take on the challenge of working with somewhat difficult materials and upcycling them into something innovative and new. Some of the projects that were made included a fascinator hat made out of a bra cup and some lace, a top made out of some scrap fabric provided by TRAID and some lace from Ann Summers, and some bunting out of a rather provocative apron.

All of the staff at Ann Summers were extremely interested in TRAID and were eager to have a go on a sewing machine or spend some time at the hand-sewing station. The workshop was one of the more interesting challenges TRAID has had in upcylcing but it turned out to be an enormous success. TRAID has a textile recycling bank at Ann Summers headquarters now and all of the textile waste will head to TRAID’s warehouse to be sorted and reused!


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