Turpington Lane Community Centre


We were asked by Affinity Sutton to run some drop in sewing classes in one of their newly opened community centres in Turpington Lane, Bromley to engage young people during the long summer break.

Up went the bunting, the sewing machines came out and the stereo on. A group of local 12 year old boys dropped by and tucked in. They all had a go on the sewing machines (for the first time) and by the end of the session were confidently sewing away. Louis learnt how to sew buttons onto an old T-shirt that he turned into a button up top. He said he’ll now be able to sew the buttons back onto his school blazer (instead of getting his mum to do it!) Ryan added a 90’s inspired turtle neck onto his T-shirt with a discarded sleeve from another T-shirt. New skills were exchanged and I learnt what Top Don means!

We will be back at Turpington Lane Community Centre again on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st August from 1-5pm for more free sewing activities.


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