In The Zone

The Zone is a youth centre based in Islington, it’s very popular in the evenings with up to 70 young people using it’s facilities to hang out, practice sports and be involved in inspiring activities.  They have some funding from Groundwork London to run a project about the affects of Climate Change and what we can all do about it.

To get some ideas they called us in for two days of their summer holidays to talk to them about how our wardrobe affects our planet and to teach them a few basic upcycling skills to see if they enjoyed it.

After a great chat about where our clothes come from and looking at some upcycled TRAID remade the group created their own designs. Everyone worked really hard over the next two days, practicing their sewing skills and learning to sew on the machines.  We were totally impressed with how hard everyone worked. They were brilliant!!

Here is a picture of one of the young men who made some baby boots out of scrap material for his new sibling who will be born at Christmas



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